Fire Risk

A fire risk assessment is about identifying and understanding the potential risks within your buildings. Helping you to understand where you may need to improve your policies, procedures and fire safety precautions to keep employees, visitors and residents safe.

When selecting a fire risk assessment company, ensuring they provide experienced and qualified assessors is only part of the challenge, you also need to review how the FRA reports will be delivered. Fire risk assessment should be easy to read and manage especially if you have multiple properties.

Why Quidvis

Our Fire Risk Consultants

Our fire risk consultants are all qualified and experienced. The majority of our assessors are either Members of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), or equivalent professional bodies. We ensure that all our consultants can demonstrate their competency through experience, affiliations and evidence of CBD courses to ensure they are up to date.


By using QuidvisRisk you will be getting the most comprehensive Fire risk reporting and risk management solution on the market.

All assessments are delivered on QuidvisRMS, providing the best reporting and risk management solution available. Reporting Read More

Fire Risk Assessment, process and methodology

All our assessments are completed using the QuidvisRiskApp which ensures our assessments are comprehensive, evidence based and consistent.

Fire risk assessments are generated automatically and available to view on QuidvisRMS once the assessment is completed on QuidvisRiskApp. This allows assessors to capture a more comprehensive assessment, rather than spending hours off-site writing up a report from notes taken.

Improved productivity

Robust review

Complete a robust review of a property's ‘Risk Management’ including:

  • Site and Personal Information
  • Management Policies
  • Management of Fire Safety

This allows an in-depth review of all policies and procedures. The device will display information relevant to the assessment type being carried out.

All legislations are kept up to date on QuidvisRiskApp:

  • Standard non-intrusive
  • Residential property - Type 1
  • Residential property - Type 3
  • Standard intrusive
  • Residential property - Type 2
  • Residential property - Type 4

Identify risks

Capture comprehensive information about every risk identified:

  • The exact location of the risk by floor and area name
  • Add Photographic evidence of all significant issues
  • Provide a risk level, for each risk Identified

Quality assured

The QuidvisRisk solution allows our senior fire consultants to view work while it is being carried out by all our consultants, allowing them to discuss risks identified where required. The solution ensures that every assessment is checked by the assessor and then by a senior assessor to validate the work, ensuring a robust quality assurance process.

Fire risk assessment services

Our consultants have a wide range of experience and knowledge. We offer Fire Risk assessments across multiple sectors and client types including:

  • Housing associations with residential accommodation- Residential Type 1-4
  • University accommodation providers
  • Managing agents with multi-occupied commercial & residential portfolios
  • High-street retailers with large, nationwide portfolios
  • Sporting venues and Stadiums
  • Local authorities
  • Health and social care organisations
  • Large office buildings
  • Factories
  • SMEs with a single office, retail or hospitality space

Customer reporting

All assessments are delivered on QuidvisRMS, providing the best reporting and risk management solution available. Reporting Read More

Customer flexibility

We want you to have the flexibility to work in whichever way best suits your business needs, and can offer you several options:

  • QuidvisRisk fire consultants, will provide your fire risk assessments for you and deliver the reports on QuidvisRMS.
  • You can use the QuidvisRisk solution using your own in-house assessors.
  • You can use a 3rd party fire risk assessment company to carry out the assessments, and they can licence the QuidvisRisk solution.
  • Or you could do a combination of the above.

Fire assessment legislation & fire safety regulations

A fire risk assessment should be carried out on all types of buildings (excluding domestic residential property) to ensure compliance in England and Wales with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, in Scotland with The Fire Safety Regulations 2006 (Scotland) and Northern Ireland with The Fire Safety Regulations 2010 (Northern Ireland).

Every organisation is required to appoint a responsible person, to coordinate fire safety arrangements including staff training and the completion of a fire safety risk assessment.

If you employ 5 or more people you are required by law to have an up-to-date fire safety risk assessment which is documented and completed by a competent person.