What would you like to know ?

What is QuidvisRisk?
QuidvisRisk is a professional fire risk management solution. Providing an end to end solution for managing, capturing, and resolving fire risks in a premise.
Designed by fire professionals and estate managers from both the businesses and public sector, to deliver the first in depth solution of its kind. Ensuring a complete audit trail from risks being identified through to resolution. Removing paper, excel spreadsheets and multiple systems, to deliver a fully auditable system that does everything in one.
Who does the assessments?
Do I have to use your assessors?
No, QuidvisRisk has been developed to allow assessment companies and property owners to use any competent assessor they wish.
Are there any hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs. The cost is based on the number and size of properties you load into the system.
Using QRMS Standard: a single property 500sqm or smaller will cost only £25!
There are no additional costs based on usage. Assessors can add as many risks and photographs to the app as they wish.
What if I only want to do one or two small assessments?
No problem, unlike other software packages where you pay an annual licence per user or property regardless if you use it or not, Quidvis don’t believe you should pay unless you use it.
Therefore, you pay as you go. If you only have one assessment to do this quarter you only pay for that assessment, then when you want to do more assessments you simply pay for those.
What IT infrastructure do I need?
You don’t need to do anything special. QuidvisRisk comes in two parts the QuidvisRiskApp for the assessment and QuidvisRMS (Report Management System)
QuidvisRiskApp will download onto most devices that runs the latest Android or IOS versions.
QuidvisRMS is a cloud-based service, so doesn’t sit on your infrastructure. All you need is internet access.
How can I pay?
You can pay as you go using a credit card, or for companies with a larger estate you can set up an account and be invoiced.