Fire Risk Management

Our Solution

Quidvis is a fire risk management company specialising in the delivery of detailed, evidence-based fire risk assessments and fire door inspections. Quidvis has revolutionised the way that fire risk assessments and fire door inspections are carried out and reported on.

All assessments are delivered through the QuidvisRisk portal, providing our clients with the best fire risk reporting and risk management solution on the market. QuidvisRisk was established to provide a comprehensive solution for planning, carrying out, reporting, and managing fire risk assessments.

The ‘Golden Thread’ of fire risk management

Reports are accessed by property owners via the QuidvisRisk portal, providing them a comprehensive solution for managing the fire risk process in their business.

The Quidvis solution provides property owners the ability to review their risks across their whole estate, allocate work internally or externally, recording works carried out, budgets allocated, and work signed off. In addition, property owners can upload certificates, work orders and policies covering all aspects of managing fire risk in their business.

An introduction to the Quidvis Service (6 minutes)

No system requirements:

QuidvisRMS works as a standalone system, with no complex integration required. As long as you have access to the internet you are good to go. For companies who wish to integrate QuidvisRMS with their other internal systems there is an API available.

  • No system requirements
  • API available
  • Accessed securely